George – Owner/ Director - The man who started it all 

Behind all the success and all caravans built by the company is our owner’s stern belief that these small homes are meant to be an important part of our lives. George designs every single caravan with all the love and precision as a bird makes her own nest, stick by stick. 

George got nothing but a set of a toolbox, one ticket to Australia and compassion to create something good out his life in inheritance from his father in Europe. At the meager age of 19, he came to Australia with the knowledge to build wedding carriages in Europe. After coming to Australia he fructified his vision to carry on his family tradition and dreamt of building a brand that creates the best caravans in the whole country and indeed he did. 

It has been 35 years now since we first opened our factory and since then George’s first question to his customers has never changed which is “with what kind of vehicle will you tow your caravan?” 

The immense experience that George has gained in all these years suffices everything that a caravan needs to be in the answer to the above question. From deciding the basic structure to the stability of the van and on-road experience the customer will have, everything is based on the answer and his skills to augment all these features into the caravan. 

All the caravans are built under George’s guidance and it will complement your vehicle like they both are a match made in heaven.

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