Traveller Caravans take every possible measure to ensure 100% satisfaction to our customers. All the parts that go into making a caravan are inspected carefully and undergo rigorous quality inspection process to ensure a hassle free and relaxing journey ahead for all our customers. But should any issues arise, you are requested to get in touch with our company. We are here to assist you in every possible way. Please go through this Warranty page carefully.

When you purchase a caravan from Traveller Caravans, you will get a full 12 Month Warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty stands testimony to the fact that all our caravans are meticulously designed and carefully crafted. Our employees go the extra mile to ensure that the caravan that you have invested in has no structural or design defects. 

Your rights are well protected under the Australian Consumer Law. In case, if you come across any fault in any part of the caravan, you are requested to contact us or the dealer directly and the part or parts will be replaced / rectified without requiring you to pay for it. This is inclusive of all the labor and parts costs. 

Note: The Warranty will be considered invalid if you fail to submit the warranty registration form with all fields properly filled out to Traveller Caravans within the stipulated time frame. Therefore, you are requested to fill out the warranty registration form carefully and then return the form to Traveller Caravans as soon as the caravan gets delivered to you. 

The Process For Making Any Warranty Claim
Since most of our customers purchase our caravans from our dealers, the first point of contact is always the dealership from where you have purchased your caravan. Any issues related to Warranty should therefore be brought to the notice of the dealer first. 

Step 1
Our dealers can offer resolution to most of the issues faced by our customers. In case, the dealers fail to address your problem adequately, you can ask them to provide you with the number of the supplier so that you can contact them directly. 

Step 2
Should your dealer fail to address your problem, you can then get in touch with our representative directly get your problem sorted out. Call this number – (03) 9303 7499 to get in touch. To speed up the resolution process, you are requested to send multiple images of the damage / faulty product to this email id – admin@jbcaravans.com.au . Also don’t forget to send these details – date of purchase, dealer name and contact details, Chassis Number, Your Contact Number, Your Full name and Address along with those images.
In case, you have to take the van to a repairer to get it fixed, the following steps need to be followed – 
  • Call the Repairer to get your caravan assessed. Ask the Repairer to give you a quote for the same. 
  • Please ask the Repairer to include your contact details in the Quote (make it a point that your email id is included in the Quote). This quote will then be forwarded to Traveller Caravans. We will get back to you should any issue arise for the same. 
The repairer is requested to forward the quote along with images to our office so that our team can assess the condition independently. 

Step 3
As soon as we receive the quote, we start assessing the quote. Once the assessment process gets completed, we send a Warranty Approval Form to the Repairer. Upon receiving the form, the Repairer will then start working on your caravan immediately. The Warranty Approval Form needs to be signed by the Repairer and then it needs to be returned to our office as soon as possible. Please note that we only cover the cost mentioned in the Approval form. We will not entertain any additional cost that might incur in the repairing process.

Step 4
Make sure that you have received Warranty on all the repairing tasks that have been carried out by the Repairer. We also request you to check the condition of the caravans before leaving the repairing shop. 

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