An Insider’s Look Into Traveller Caravans

Travelling is not about the destination but all about the journey. To make the journey even more memorable and comfortable, Traveller Caravans has an amazing range of caravans that can meet your needs and fit your budget precisely. Available in different sizes, our caravans can accommodate 2 to 5 people with all the sophistication and luxury you need for a smooth trip.  Every single part of our caravans are designed meticulously to offer optimal performance and rigorous testing is conducted on a regular basis to ensure 100% safety and comfort of the passengers. 

Get wowed by our sleek and contemporary design and when it comes to layout, floor design or décor, Our caravans can rival and outbeat the industry leaders simply because of our experience and the innovation we have brought over the years. With so many choices available, it is easy to feel lost but we have got you covered. No matter what model you choose at the end, you are guaranteed to enjoy luxury ambiance and spacious interiors. Classy and comfortable, all our 4 models including Intrigue, ,Obsession, Utopia and Prodigy have set the bar for others to follow. 

Accommodating personal preferences of our customers has always been our top priority and which is why we have given so much attention to add a homely feel to the interior. Traditional yet trendy is how you can describe the décor of our caravans. Our interior design experts have done a remarkable job by striking a perfect balance between usability and aesthetic appeal. 

Design and fitout options

Chassis – The chassis of our caravan is made from high quality Supagal steel thus endowing it with all the muscle power that it needs to hold the rest of the structure with ease. For efficient shock resistance, we have integrated Control Rider Coil Independent Suspension that offers greater surface area to improve the heat dissipation. 

Simplicity Suspension is integrated into the chassis that allows for smoother ride. It offers robust performance when the load is light but it can also offer a decent performance under extreme conditions. We install Alloy Wheels as they are lighter and offer better heat conduction compared to their pure metal compatriots. 

The chassis has got enough space to store all your parts. Tuck them under the caravan or mount them on the bumper. When it comes to tyres, we make no compromise at all. We have selected only those tyres that are known for offering excellent traveling dynamics and can dispend water properly. 

Both manual and electric steps are inducted into the system. Based on your preference, you will get to choose which steps you want to keep in your caravan. Tool Boxes are available in two different versions – Black and Silver Checkerplate. If you are a bike lover, you don’t have to leave it at your home because most of our caravans have a provision for bike storage. Versatile and easy to use, Trail-a-mate Jack comes fitted with our caravans as well. 

Outer shell
Tunnel and Front Boots are included in caravan to make the most of the available space. Space crunch is what you usually expect in a caravan but we have tried to make our way around it by installing 6 additional external storage compartments. These storage compartments are available in different shapes and sizes and thus allowing to stuff more items in them. 

The windows are large and they offer a stunning view to the outside. Easy to clean and these Camec windows are available in white or black frames. UV stabilized and acrylic panel, these Camec windows will make your trip truly a memorable one. To increase the aesthetic of the exterior, we have used Aluminium Cladding. You have three options to choose from – Pearl, Silver and White. 

To make the exterior of the caravan corrosion resistant, we use Black or Silver Checker plates. These Checker plates are extremely hard wearing and they also look great when applied. 

Commercial level hatches are attached to the roof to allow the air and the sun light to pass through easily thus helping you save big on energy. Externally mounted Clotheslines are included so that you can dry your clothes after washing. 

Pole carriers come included with our caravans. It allows easy access to items by allowing you to store items like rods, poles etc and thus helps you save a lot of space. 

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