Quality Craftsmanship - Superior Build Caravans Backed By 2 Year Structural Warranty

Our manufacturing process helps us build superior high quality caravans every single time with precision and with a great level of care that helps maintain our standards that we have been known for over the years. We are 100% committed to manufacture top of the range caravans that goes through rigorous quality checks and are well equipped to handle toughest of Australian conditions.

Traveller Caravans has been a trusted brand in the industry for over 35 years. Our caravans have helped customers preserve memories for a lifetime and explore the spectacular views of Australia.

Galvanized Chassis Made To Order From G & S

To ensure the longevity of our Caravans, we always use custom-made hot-dipped galvanized chassis (also known as Supagal steel) that gives our caravans the strength they need to offer a robust performance. Manufactured by G&S Chassis, Australia’s most trusted caravan chassis manufacturer, this purpose-built Supagal helps us form the structure of the caravan that can stand the test of time and help withstand rough outdoor conditions. Our quality control team inspects every arrival of galvanized chassis carefully to ensure that they are in pristine condition.


On the undercarriage, ply flooring gets installed to give the interiors an inviting and comfortable look. We use only premium grade marine ply for this purpose. Marine ply is known for its durability and it does not contribute to the weight of the caravan as it is extremely lightweight in nature.