Features To Look For When Buying A  Off Road Caravan

15 September 2018

Features To Look For When Buying An Off Road Caravan

The sole purpose of an off-road caravan is to withstand the worst routes,irregular roads and the harshest of conditions that you can encounter in Australia. 

Usually, an off-road caravan will have a strong frame with firm connectors for other accessories.  However, before buying you should ensure the following features below are available in any off road caravan.
  1. 1. Chassis
  2. 2. Frame
  3. 3. Suspension 
  4. 4. Basic amenities (Huge Battery, Solar and Water storage)
  5. 5. Hitch (Firm coupling capacity)
  6. 6. Weight of the Caravan
  7. 7. Strong External Armour
1. Chassis
The best and most important part of the caravan which is often taken for granted. It can also be called as the backbone of a caravan as it holds everything in place. Chassis is the very basic foundation of a caravan construction. A complete caravan fully relies on the Chassis which serves as a base for everything else in a caravan. If you want a safe trip everytime, your caravan should have strong and firm Chassis to avoid damages that occur due to the bumpy and harsh ride during caravanning. The most important things to remember about Chassis are as follows:
  • Sturdy chassis.
  • Well-engineered structure incorporating steel rails and aluminum cross. 
  • A well-engineered structure that reduces weight and increases the strength simultaneously.

2. Frame
It could be a bit difficult to analyse this feature because you cannot inspect it visually by yourself. So, it is of utmost importance that you do a little research about the frame of a caravan and find information about the frame before buying your caravan. Aluminum frames have become very popular these days because they provide
  • Strength
  • Provide considerable water savings
  • Highly resistance to water damage
It is common that Frames function as a protective bearer and prevent any damage caused by harsh off-road trips.

3. Suspension
A well-built caravan it will have an upgraded suspension system. In addition, it should be strong enough to handle the stress that is caused by jarring. 
It must be resistant to fatigue
  • Stiff enough to stop unwanted bend (adjustments) when loaded 
  • Must contain high-quality bearings, lubrication, and seals
  • Should have properly matched shock absorbers

4.  Basic amenities (Huge Battery, Solar and Water storage)
If you are about to head to a remote location for the trip then you must have a look into these features, i.e. Huge Battery, Solar, and water storage, when it comes to an off-road caravan.
Your Caravan should have:
  • Huge battery with 200Ah and more than 300W capacity along with roof adhered of solar panels. 
  • The storage capacity of the water tank should be high, preferably 190 L which ensures that you don’t run out of water during your remote camping experience.
  • Look into your split system with water storage systems as some manufacturers provide a split system to store freshwater separately. This can be an advantage as you do not have to worry about the quality of water as you will already have freshwater stored safely in a separate system apart from the general use of water.
  • Off road water tanks should be molded perfectly and firmly fixed to avoid damages during a rough journey.

5.  Hitch (Firm coupling capacity)
Off-road caravan must essentially contain a good coupling system with 360-degree articulation. The following features are a must for coupling system of an off-road caravan.
  • Must have extreme good articulation capable enough to rotate both horizontally and vertically.
  • Easy and quick coupling which does not need any pin or hole alignment.
  • It must not contain any switching hitches.
  • Must have full off-road articulation.
6. The weight of Caravan Matters 
When you are going to explore new and remote locations in Australia, your Caravan will be the factor that would decide whether you have an amazing experience or a bad one. Generally, the caravans that are built for off-road caravanning are much heavier than on-road use caravan. So, it is important that you choose a right towing vehicle that is capable enough for towing a caravan as you might face many hurdles being away from regular roads.

7. Strong External Armour
When it comes to off-road caravan an external body of the whole caravan is a major feature. Make sure your off-road caravan is made with high-quality external armor with a strong capacity to withstand in harsh condition.
It is always best to know almost everything before you buy an off-road Caravan.